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An introduction to Mastery in Mathematics – best practice from around the world

Ashburnham Community School | Wednesday 1st April 2020

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Course Details

Shanghai and Singapore lead the world in the Pisa Tables for mathematics. The Shanghai approach has been championed by mathematics leaders and the government. As part of Fox’s Lead Maths Hub role, two teachers visited Shanghai to observe Maths lessons and were lucky enough to host two visiting Chinese teachers for one month.

This course offers School Leaders and teachers the opportunity to explore Shanghai teaching methods, lesson planning and resources and to find out how these methods have been
implemented into our everyday practice to achieve mastery.

The course will include:

  • Approaches to planning a mastery curriculum
  • Conceptual variation,
  • Procedural variation and intelligent practice
  • Use of precise mathematical vocabulary
  • The role of immediate feedback
  • Alternatives to traditional differentiation
  • Use of rich pictorial stimuli
  • Concrete resources to support conceptual understanding

Participants will have the opportunity to look at Shanghai text books and to observe a Shanghai-style lesson.

What you can take home:

  • Exemplar planning
  • Extensive Shanghai flipcharts and PowerPoints
  • Resources for lessons
  • Support with variation practice
  • Support with mathematical language
  • Links to filmed lessons