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Developing Reading in EYFS

Online [Via Zoom] | Wednesday 2nd November 2022

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Course Details

This course will support teachers with developing their pedagogy in order to teach reading effectively. We will critically analyse what makes effective group reading as well as exploring the broader context of developing reading opportunities and creating a literate environment in their setting. We will also explore what makes a reader; considering pre-reading experiences, the role of the adult in developing speaking and language and how to effectively read aloud. Teachers will have the opportunity to watch filmed lessons of reading in Reception as well as videos of ways to adapt teaching to support lowest attainers.  The course will ensure that teachers understand how best to apply and develop phonic knowledge, teaching good comprehension of texts and developing a reading culture in their setting.   

The course will include: 

  • An introduction to Guided Reading and how it links to other aspects of Literacy
  • Discussion around pre-reading skills and developing phonic knowledge
  • Examining the structure of a teacher led group session
  • Discussion around how to develop questioning and comprehension
  • Opportunity to watch filmed lessons in EYFS at different points in the year. 
  • Time dedicated to looking at a range of different texts and high quality picture books. 
  • Ideas on how to promote a love of reading
  • Discussion around the practicalities of group and whole class reading.
  • Ideas to include in Literacy lessons and how to support adults and parents with reading aloud effectively to their children.
  • How to ensure a cumulative progression of sounds and books to use in school and at home. 

What you can take home:

  • Example planning for Reception 
  • Resources to share with staff and parents about how to read aloud 
  • Lots of useful supports and scaffolds to use in your classes to support reading
  • Lots of practical ideas and teaching techniques