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Interacting, Mark-Making: Developing Communication and Language and Writing in the EYFS

Online [Via Zoom] | Tuesday 26th January 2021

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Course Details

This course will be divided into two parts. First we will focus on developing communication and language in your setting. This is crucial as early language learning is the foundation on which later success across the curriculum is built. We begin by looking at the reasons for the language gap between disadvantaged children and their peers and how it can be narrowed and closed by early years practitioners – through quality interactions and direct teaching techniques. We will make use of research, video footage and lesson examples.
We will then move on to developing early writing. We will examine all the skills that feed into becoming a successful writer and how these can be built upon incrementally and in a developmentally appropriate way through play. We will explore strategies to support children to become motivated mark-makers and writers and look particularly at progression throughout the Reception year.
There will be opportunities to see filmed lessons for both sections of this course.

The course will include:

A look at the ‘word gap’ and the research explaining why this exists.
What does the research tell us our youngest children need to develop their language and vocabulary?
Communication friendly environments
Group work practising contingent conversation
Whole-class teaching approaches, including Mrs Wordsmith

Key pre-writing skills
Supporting mark-making in play
Contexts for writing
Teaching early writing in large and small groups
Progression in writing over the Reception year

What you can take home:

Articles and resources to disseminate to colleagues
Vocabulary teaching lesson examples
Writing lesson examples

This course will take place on Zoom and will be 2.5 hours. Modules for self-study will be sent prior to this session.