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Developing Reading KS2

Online [Via Zoom] | Tuesday 16th November 2021

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Course Details

Teaching reading effectively is essential for ensuring outstanding progress throughout a school. However, leading effective reading sessions can be a challenge, in terms of lesson preparation, classroom organisation and in-depth subject knowledge to ensure progression. Maintaining the balance between decoding and developing comprehension can prove difficult. This full day course will support qualified teachers in reviewing their subject knowledge and developing their pedagogy in order to deliver effective reading lessons routine.

Teachers will develop excellent subject knowledge in relation to the wide range of reading skills taught in KS2. They will explore how best to teach these skills to both groups of pupils as well as within the whole class setting. There will also be an opportunity to reflect on the curriculum design in Reading to ensure progression and knowledge of skills throughout the key stage whilst simultaneously developing a culture of reading in the school.

The course will include:

  • An introduction to Guided Reading
  • Tackling the logistics of Guided Reading and issues of classroom organisation
  • Examining the structure of a reading session – teaching and learning activities to develop key reading knowledge and skills
  • Understanding and using the assessment foci to ensure maximum progression in all areas
  • Developing questioning to maximise learning
  • Looking at high quality texts and resources to meeting pupil and curriculum requirements
  • In depth exploration of how to develop pupils’ inference
  • Looking at strategies to support vocabulary acquisition
  • Developing a whole school overview for reading
  • Looking at further resources to support planning, teaching and learning e.g. independent activities
  • Exploration of how to promote reading for pleasure, including models for a book club / recommended reading lists

What you can take home:

  • Example planning for familiar texts
  • Guided Reading Observation Proforma
  • Resources to support questioning
  • A thorough breakdown of the different aspects of reading
  • Recommended reading lists for age groups