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(Cancelled) Progression in Algebra: Depth and Mastery

Online [Via Zoom] | Thursday 11th February 2021

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Course Details

***This Course has been Cancelled

This course will explore arithmetic structures essential to developing a deep understanding and flexibility with number and algebra concepts.

We will consider creative approaches to enabling pupils to develop mastery of number through rich tasks and contexts.  We will also explore models that support the teaching of algebra in the primary classroom as well as the role of problems and questions that encourage pupils to reason and explain. An underlying theme to this course will be consideration of what it means to be mathematical and the importance of enabling pupils to patterns and make connections in their learning.  These skills are widely recognised, both by Ofsted and research, to be key factors in
pupil success in their understanding and progress in Maths.

The course will include:

Using contexts as a starting point for
mathematical enquiry
Open questions – how to maximise
Low threshold, high ceiling tasks for the
inclusive primary classroom
Tasks that encourage pupils to reason and find proof
Exploring patterns, finding rules
Functions and equations

What you can take home:

Ideas, activities and resources to
support the teaching of algebra
Guidance on the requirements of the new curriculum in relation to fractions
Documents to support the assessment of mastery in algebra

This course will take place on Zoom and will be 2.5 hours. Modules for self-study will be sent prior to this session.