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Mathematics Everywhere: independent and ongoing provision

Various venues / Online | Thursday 4th November 2021

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Course Details

This course will offer an opportunity to explore and discuss what makes effective independent provision in the Foundation stage and how we can support children to become enthusiastic and inquisitive mathematicians.  Practitioners will spend time thinking about their environments and how to develop mathematical language and problem solving through the classroom provision, lesson structure and effective interactions. 

The course will include:

  • Discussion around the different areas of the classroom that promote mathematical talk and problem solving
  • Examples of resources and activities that promote mathematical engagement
  • A look at the expectations of mathematical language in EYFS
  • How to include mathematical talk successfully within Maths lessons
  • Strategies to support problem solving

What you can take home:

  • Lesson and activity ideas and resources to support early maths
  • Example activities for EYFS provision
  • Lots of useful documents to support planning and provision in EYFS