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New to Subject Leadership

Online [Via Zoom] | Thursday 28th September 2023

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Course Details

Becoming a subject leader for the first time can be a daunting prospect. This course will offer support and inspiration to teachers who are new to taking on whole-school responsibility, or want additional support to help them perform their existing role well. Subject leaders will be guided through their main responsibilities and how to effectively fulfill their role, ensuring that provision in their subject is exceptional. There will be an opportunity to consider curriculum intent, implementation and impact in reference to the quality of education judgment in the Ofsted inspection framework as well as how to prepare for a deep dive. In addition, we will explore how to use monitoring processes to accurately evaluate provision to in turn support colleagues with their practice and implement effective change.

What it will include:
Action planning
Curriculum planning and pedagogy
Overview of EYFS curriculum links
Subject monitoring and evaluation
Staff training and support
Cultural capital and enrichment opportunities
Preparation for an Ofsted subject deep dive
Real life case studies from subject leaders on how they effectively implemented whole school change

What you can take home:
Subject action plan template
Example monitoring proformas (e.g. book looks, observation feedback, pupil voice)
Example Ofsted subject interview questions