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Positive Handling Course

Fox Primary School | Thursday 14th November 2019

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Course Details

This one day course on Positive Handling will cover the following:

Understanding Duty of Care in Positive Handling:  
– Getting the balance right for Children AND Staff
– The Risk Assessment Obligation
– The impact of Manual Handling Regulations
– Risks of Sudden Death during Restraint:  spotting the warning signs
– Dangerous restraint positions which have been banned or prohibited

Government Guidance:  DofE Guidance on Use of Reasonable Force
– Understanding Reasonable Force legislation for Positive Handling
– What are the scenarios staff should NEVER use force
– The Principle of Necessity and the Ashworth Tests (When?)
– The Principle of Proportionality (How Much?)
– The Principle of Honestly Held Belief

Physical Skills development:
– Verbalisation strategies (in brief) for gaining compliance and de-escalation
– How to safely approach, prompt and escort a child from place to place
– How to gain control of a child who is at risk of harming themselves or others
– How to hold and immobilise a child during the restraint and resolution phase
– Protection from Biting, Kicking and Spitting during the holding period
– Standing, Seated and Kneeling variations for the control of different scenarios
– Protection and Disengagement method for high-risk scenarios