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Progression In Counting And Place Value

Online [Via Zoom] | Tuesday 3rd November 2020

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Course Details

This course will explore the progression from counting in the early Years to understanding the key ideas within place value in key stage one and key stage two. Place value is the foundation to understanding number.

This course will support your own subject knowledge for teaching place value through
exploration of both content and pedagogical subject knowledge. We will consider the small steps in progression and explore a range of manipulatives and models, as well as activities: both rich tasks and structured practice to that will develop understanding of the patterns and
structures within place value.

The course will include:

  • Development of subject knowledge and the role of models and contexts in
  • Consideration of the curriculum
    requirements and progression from Early Years to Year 6
  • In depth exploration of key ideas such as unitising and base 10 and how to teach these ideas
  • Common difficulties and misconceptions and how best to pre-empt and tackle them
  • Motivating activities and key questions that promote understanding

What you can take home:

  • Creative ideas and subject knowledge
  • Resources to support delivery of mastery teaching in place value