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Flexible INSET Programme: Supporting Traumatised Children in School

Online access | Wednesday 1st September 2021

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Course Details

This course will explore the varied effects of trauma and developmental trauma on children and how this impacts on their capacity to cope with the demands placed on them in school. Referring to the research and best practice, the course details how to support these vulnerable children so that they can feel safe, learn and ultimately thrive in school. 

Session 1 provides a comprehensive introduction to trauma – what events can lead to trauma and the imprint that can remain on the nervous system and mind. We then focus on strategies to support traumatised children in school. In session 2 the focus is upon developing trauma-sensitive approaches to behaviour management. The course includes links to a range of resources to support your learning in this area and plenty of opportunities for reflection. These sessions are suitable for all those who work in education and we particularly recommend that members of school leadership who can lead on systemic changes take part.