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Developing a whole-school trauma-friendly behaviour approach – a case study

| Thursday 16th May 2024

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Course Details

This course is an opportunity to learn about how we at the Fox Federation have designed and implemented a trauma-friendly approach to supporting children with their behaviour and emotions. We will share the rationale for the adoption of this approach, including our learning on what we need to do to meet the needs of our most vulnerable children, including those who are SEND or who have experienced trauma. We will then discuss the process of implementation, including challenges faced and lessons learned so far. School leaders are encouraged to join us for this reflective session.
There will be a pre-record provided covering essential learning on trauma and how this effects children in school, for any attendees who do not have this knowledge

What it will include
Why be trauma-friendly?
What we know about the needs of SEND and traumatised children with relation to emotional regulation and behaviour
Adopting a whole-school approach – laying the groundwork
Adopting a whole-school approach – policy roll out
Proactive support strategies
Responding to tricky behaviour
Challenges in implementation
Lessons learned so far

What you can take home
Fox Federation example policy
A secure knowledge base on trauma-friendly with practical examples of implementation