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The Writing Process: Planning, Shared Writing and Editing

Online [Via Zoom] | Wednesday 24th January 2024

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Course Details

This course is aimed at teachers and leaders in KS1 and KS2 and will explore the most challenging aspects of English teaching: how to plan successful units of work, how to excel at shared writing and how to teach the editing process. Planning successful fiction and non-fiction writing units can be challenging; this course will teach how to plan for outstanding writing outcomes, prepare children for writing, integrate a focus on grammar and sentence structure and scaffold learning appropriately. The course will also introduce how to use visual literacy to inspire writing. In addition, teachers will develop their understanding of and ability to deliver outstanding shared writing across KS1 and KS2 – an essential component in raising standards. The course will share models for editing, both in response to marking and as whole class sessions.

The course will include:
· Development of subject knowledge at KS1 and KS2
· A review of assessment requirements and writing objectives at KS1 and KS2
· Unpicking the planning of a model unit of work
· Introduciton to how visual literacy can be used to create high quality outcomes
· Engaging tasks to prepare children for writing
· Observations of shared writing in KS1 and KS2
· Exploration of a range of techniques for shared writing
· How to use editing in the classroom to best effect

What you can take home:
· Planning, Flipcharts and resources for both a fiction and non-fiction sample unit of work
· Guidance on shared writing and editing
· Planning and success criteria proformas