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Flexible INSET: Mathematics in the EYFS

This course will develop teaching approaches in your Foundation Stage, drawing on the key principles of mastery in mathematics.  Practitioners will analyse the key features of Mastery and how these features can be embedded in the classroom. The course will develop participants’ knowledge and pedagogy, identifying key milestones in children’s number sense, counting and early addition and subtraction (part-part whole). They will leave with a range of practical approaches to embed the key mathematical ideas and concepts. Teachers will discuss and analyse the structure of a mathematics lesson and will have the opportunity to watch a filmed Maths lesson in a Reception classroom, as well as videos of children playing maths games.

This course will also offer an opportunity to explore and discuss what makes effective independent provision in the Foundation stage and how we can support children to become enthusiastic and inquisitive mathematicians.  Practitioners will spend time thinking about their environments and how to develop mathematical language and problem solving through the classroom provision, lesson structure and effective interactions.

Please email to register for 2024/25 programme