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Securing the Highest Standards in Writing in Upper KS2

Online Course | 28th September 2022 | 1.30pm – 4.00pm

Course Details

This course is aimed at teachers and leaders in upper KS2 who are teaching and targeting pupils to achieve at the highest level in Writing and Grammar.

Teachers will further develop their subject knowledge, as the course will review, in depth, what it means to write at the highest levels in Primary: excellent text structure and organisation, vocabulary and stylistic devices, sentence structure and punctuation and authorial control. The course will also address the rigorous SPAG requirements of the National Curriculum. It will provide teachers with engaging practical and strategic approaches to developing this knowledge and these skills in pupils.
The course will include:

· Observations of teaching and learning in English at this level (using online lessons)
· Development of teacher subject knowledge
· Analysis of high quality writing
· How to use editing in the classroom to best effect
· How Visual Literacy can be used to create high quality outcomes
· Engaging tasks to teach high level grammar expectations
· Practical ideas and techniques to teach the knowledge and skills required, ready for immediate implementation

What you can take home:
· Planning, flipcharts and resources for a sample unit of work
· A range of practical resources to support teacher subject knowledge and for use in the classroom

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